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National Talent Tools

Talent Management

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National Talent Tools

The NHS Leadership Academy has produced a Talent Management Toolkit with support from it’s regional Local Delivery Partners, including the Collaborative

It brings together good practice from around the country and is designed to support an inclusive national approach to talent management for all NHS staff. It supports a culture that shows we are engaging with and caring for our staff to encourage a climate where they value and care for our patients. It has been designed to improve the quality level of 1:1 conversations we have with our staff when discussing their aspirations, career development and our expectations of their performance. It is aimed at helping all staff to maximise their potential. 

The Toolkit includes:

  • Online Talent Management training, with detailed guidance on holding talent conversations.
  • Maximising Potential Conversation Tool (MPC-T)
  • Talent Management Conversation Tool

The tools can be found at: