Talent Management across Kent, Surrey & Sussex

The sustainability and success of our National Health Service is dependent on having the right people with the right skills in the right roles – with the right behaviours and values. 

The NHS aims to be the best it can be in a market that is competing to be new, innovative and sustainable – it’s an organisation of which we are all proud to be part and it deserves the best of leaders.

Looking at ‘what’ Talent Management does is important – but the time is right to also look at ‘how’ we do it. The challenges ahead can only be met by resilient, visionary, agile, inclusive and high performing leaders. Managing our NHS talent means supporting individuals who can make a positive difference to organisational performance and drive improvements in patient care.

The recent Smith and Rose reviews recently published both point to the need for increased talent management in the NHS.

The NHS Leadership Academy point out that our leaders need new skills, new knowledge and new expertise to lead in a world for which they could never have been trained. The context in which they operate has changed hugely and we need to retrain, develop, stretch and challenge our leaders in safe ways to prepare them for this new context; to ready them for the new challenges they face; and equip them to lead with hope and compassion through expertise, competence and confidence.

You'll already be doing many aspects of Talent Management, including recruitment, development, performance reviews and retention activity but we hope to give you some ideas and tools to develop a systemic and high quality approach to talent in your organisations. In this hub you will find a number of nationally and locally designed resources that have been tried and tested throughout the NHS in England including Trusts, CCGs, and regional and national NHS bodies. 

If you are still wondering why Talent Management matters...we would like you to think about a person in your organisation, maybe someone who is currently in a junior role, someone looking for a new opportunity, or even someone who has now left. Think about what a good Talent Management process could do for them, what it could do for the organisation! How can we help those who have a spark to shine a light across your organisation?