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Organisation Development

Our Approach to Organisation Development

Our aim is to champion Organisation Development (OD) within Kent, Surrey and Sussex by supporting the professionalisation, development, capability and capacity of OD provision in the region.

KSS Regional OD Practitioners Network

We recognise that individuals who have roles as Organisation Development (OD) and Service Improvement (SI) leads can often be in stand alone roles, operating as soloists within their organisation. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience of OD and SI within Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Our network aims to bring these professionals together to provide them with a space for development and a supportive network to enable them to act as effective change agents in our healthcare community. The network was launched in autumn 2013 and is designed on the below model.

The network is made up of OD practitioners who represent NHS organisations across KSS. We work with our network members to look at their challenges and priorities and then shape our network development sessions around those needs.

OD Network events can be found here.

If you would like to be a member of the Network or want to know if your organisation is involved then email

National Initiatives

We are delighted that NHS Employers and the NHS Leadership Academy have joined forces to work together on the Do OD project.

Do OD was created to support organisational and system wide change in the NHS with a particular focus on OD, HR and workforce leaders. On the Do OD website you will find some fantastic articles and resources. Once you’ve read them, we encourage you discuss them in the NHS Organisational Development & Change LinkedIn Group, or you can tweet the Do OD team at @NHSE_DoOD It would be great to hear your thoughts on how you could use these in your own practice and if you found them useful and practical.

Organisation Development

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) defines organisation development as the planned and systematic enabling of sustained performance in an organisation through the involvement of its people.

To us, organisations where OD thrives are places where people related issues such as Culture, Change, Values & Behaviours and Team/Board Effectiveness are seen as vital to an organisations performance and the delivery of its vision and strategy. These organisations believe the saying that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. These organisations believe that the “way we do things here” can give them a unique and competitive edge.

Ultimately we want to ensure that our NHS organisations consider in a systemic and planned way, those things that make their organisations unique and that if those things were stronger, would enable them to perform more effectively.

Research and Resources

Resources that you may find interesting can be found on the NHS Employers DoOD ‘Latest News’ page.