Read Issue 25 (August 2017) of KSS Leadership Academy's Newsletter

Posted 1 year ago

KSS Leadership News brings you a round-up of news for Leadership across Kent, Surrey & Sussex. You will find dates for your diary, information on the latest development opportunities, and access to useful resources.

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In this issue:

  1. New leadership roles at KSS Leadership Academy
  2. Apply for Self-Discovery Workshop
  3. Applications open for Ready Now Programme
  4. Apply for next cohorts of Seacole and Anderson Programmes
  5. Farewell to 2015 Graduate Management Trainees
  6. Academy awards 1000th MSc in Healthcare Leadership
  7. New NHS MBA - Higher Education Institutions Appointed
  8. HLM Dimension in Focus: Inspired Sharing Purpose
  9. Indepth look at Delivering Effective Feedback Using Emotional Intelligence e-learning module