Read Issue 24 (May 2017) of KSS Leadership Academy's Newsletter

Posted 1 year 9 months ago

KSS Leadership News brings you a round-up of news for Leadership across Kent, Surrey & Sussex. You will find dates for your diary, information on the latest development opportunities, and access to useful resources.

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In this issue:

  1. Change of email addresses at KSS Leadership Academy
  2. Apply for Leading for Quality: New Leaders Programme
  3. An Introduction to the Healthcare Leadership Model
  4. Applications open for Mary Seacole Programme: Gatwick Cohort
  5. Telephone Coaching Supervision for KSS registered network
  6. Applications open for Nye Bevan and The Director programmes
  7. KSS Leadership and Innovation Awards 2017
  8. Darzi Fellows come to KSS
  9. Join the Q Initiative
  10. HLM Dimension in Focus: Inspiring Shared Purpose
  11. In-depth look at Innovation in the Workplace e-Learning Module