Lorraine Mulroney shares her personal journey on the Nye Bevan Leadership Programme

Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago


Nye Bevan Leadership Programme:
A Personal Journey

By Lorraine Mulroney- NHS England South East Office


I started this journey as a ‘Bevanoid’ and now 16 months later I am a ‘Bevanite’. I am immensely proud of what I have achieved and looking forward to the celebrations ahead at the Graduation on the 9 March 2016.  

The Beginning
My journey started in July 2014 when I decided to apply for the Nye Bevan programme. Although I was not in the most obvious role of a deputy executive I was able to show that my leadership aspirations and passions for NHS improvement were enough for me to rise to the challenge. My role at the time was in Service Improvement for Children and Young Peoples Services in the Strategic Clinical Networks in NHS England. I have always had a plan to enhance my career and improve my leadership behaviours since my first staff nurse post as Children’s Nurse 21 years ago.

What have I gained from an individual perspective?

  • Being critical of myself has not been an easy task. I have kept a personal learning diary and embraced the whole concept of reflexivity. This is now part of my day to day thinking.
  • Working in a learning set (like a mini board) is a fantastic way to learn about giving and receiving feedback. I have personally found this the most beneficial part of the programme.  I can honestly say that my resilience has been tested many times and I am now stronger.
  • Using this programme as my golden ticket to having the courage to knock on the door of other leaders who I would not have normally rubbed shoulders with has been an experience I will never forget.  
  • Using the study time effectively to think differently, observe other board meetings and collect my evidence of learning has had a double bonus as this also supports my Nursing revalidation due this year.
  • My daughter who is nine would say I am happier at work and she has noticed the impact on me at home too. She often says that she is proud of me as a single working mum and she is glad that all my hard work and time away from home has been worth it.

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