Announcement: Deputy Director support for KSS Leadership Academy

Posted 9 months ago

We are pleased to announce that Ali Jennings and Maggie Woods, Deputy Directors for Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy, are offering interim Deputy Director support to KSS Leadership Academy on an ongoing basis, with the support of Christina Quinn, Director of KSS, Thames Valley and Wessex and South West Leadership Academies.


Ali’s work over recent years has been concerned with talent management, driving organisational development and system leadership in the NHS.

As an experienced leadership professional in the NHS, Ali is staunchly committed to the principle that higher standards of system, organisational and personal leadership deliver higher quality patient care. She strongly believes that helping leaders to develop keen personal insight into their own talents and leadership styles is key to driving changes in behaviour. She is passionate about improving the quality of the conversations which are difficult at work but ultimately vital to an organisation's effective functioning.

Ali has recently led the work of the Local Leadership Academy National Talent Management Network and will be part of the team establishing the South East Regional Talent Review Board. As a coaching supervisor, accredited coach and mentor trainer, Ali invests her strengths in these areas to develop others.


Maggie has worked across the healthcare system in acute care, primary care and at a strategic health authority. Maggie has a portfolio career, working as an Associate Dean for the Health Education Thames Valley GP School, and the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy.

Maggie has been responsible for the development of unique and innovative development programmes for example a national leadership programme with Health and Social care leaders, a suite of primary and community care leadership programmes, co-development and design of the national leadership programmes for nurses and a highly successful place-based programme within an ICS.

Maggie has worked with and for some exceptional teams and leaders, seeing the difference that these people have made to patients and carers experiences have made Maggie committed to identifying and developing all staff.

Maggie and Ali have been a part of the NHS Leadership Academy since its inception in 2013 and were members of Strategic Health Authority leadership teams before and so have a long-standing understanding of the shifting leadership landscape in health and care.



Both Ali and Maggie have expressed: “We are delighted to be working with the KSS Leadership Academy team and helping them to promote the valuable work they do to build leadership at all levels in systems and organisations.  We look forward to getting to know local stakeholders across health and care and working collaboratively with them to develop the leaders we need today and develop the leadership pipeline for the future.  This further connecting of the teams across the South will provide opportunities for sharing great practice, alignment and consistency.”