Working with Difference in Coaching and Mentoring - CPD Session

11 June 2019 13:00–16:00

Please note this session is only open to Coaches and Mentors registered with the KSS Leadership Academy's Coaching and Mentoring Scheme website.

Improved diversity in the workplace is critical to the future of the NHS. Supporting a more inclusive workplace and developing the ability of NHS coaches and mentors to work in a more effective way with difference is key.

Building a culture of diversity and inclusion and building a strong coaching and mentoring culture go together. Coaching and mentoring are about working with individuals to develop their potential and performance. Supporting individuals to become accountable for their own lives and development is critical in promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diversity is recognising the differences between us. Differences include ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual identity, education, experience, philosophy, political views, socio-economic background, religion, different thought processes & perspectives, and anything else that may be perceived to differentiate us from one another. Some of these differences are permanent and some may change and shift over time. It is about what makes us unique.

Inclusion is putting the concept and practice of diversity into action. In coaching and mentoring it means that we value, respect, and support our clients without prejudice and are appreciative of differences.

This short, interactive CPD session will examine:

  • What do we mean by working with difference?
  • The types of difference that coaches and mentors may encounter in the NHS
  • Coaching and mentoring and diversity frameworks
  • Coaching and mentoring interventions to support:
  • Working with cultural differences
  • Working with gender differences
  • Working through life transitions
  • Wrap up and personal action plans.

Participants should come prepared to try out new tools and techniques and be open to talking about difference.

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