Team Cultures Masterclass with Margaret Heffernan

Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport

7 March 2019 10:00–16:00

Now fully booked.  The KSS Leadership Academy will be offering a Team Cultures Masterclass on the 7th March.

In this time of immense change for the NHS, teams may need support to improve their performance.  Teams face a number of challenges and changes that can be difficult to navigate.  It has been shown that the lack of open and honest communication can breed anxiety and resentment and staff often feel demotivated which can lead to a lack of engagement, innovation and staff retention. 

The KSS Leadership Academy is pleased to announce that Margaret Heffernan, an international speaker and author, has agreed to share with us some of her wealth of knowledge and experience in enabling leaders to build sustainable, robust teams, who are able to perform better, through getting to know each other and building relationships.

The Team Cultures Masterclass will cover:

  • What is happening to make team working so essential?
  • How do we do team work at the best, highest level that gets the best from everyone?
  • The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others?

As multi-disciplinary groups are being asked to work together to solve multi-dimensional challenges. But differences in outlook, background, experience and expertise can make teamwork hard, slow, political and frustrating. So what lies at the heart of high performing teams? What attitudes, mindsets, behaviors and habits can make your team valuable, effective and an opportunity for personal and professional growth? How can you become the one team member everyone wants  or part of a team that everyone wants to join? 

Our aim is for delegates to leave the session with an energized sense of what good collaboration is for; and how to make it part of your work.

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