Supporting our Managers in Times of Change and Complexity Workshop

Hilton Maidstone

12 November 2019 09:30–14:00

We know that working in a more integrated way, trying to make any sort of progress and moving towards genuine collaboration, can be difficult.  And this can  particularly be the case if you’re not always clear about the direction of travel or have access to those making the decisions about the future integration in your own organisation and in the wider system you are working in.
We know that you are still expected to in new ways and to support your team to work differently, but sometimes it’s hard to get your message across, or simply get heard in the first place; when you’re in the middle, and feeling squeezed from above and below; when you’re working in complex situations, where there’s no lever marked ‘change’ that you can pull; when you have to contend with history, and the culture and relationships that come with the history; and when all these factors seem to play out in the same way, time and time again, in practice. 


Is this workshop for me?

Working in a more integrated way, making progress and moving towards genuine collaboration can be challenging. The lack of clarity on the direction of travel and often limited access to those making decisions about the future integration in your own organisation and in the wider system, makes it even more difficult. 
This development opportunity is for managers and team leaders who:
are expected to work in new ways and support their teams to work differently
feel pressured from above and below
would welcome advice on how to get messages across effectively when working in complex situations, with numerous factors such as history, culture and relationships all contributing to the challenge of bringing about change.


What will the workshop cover

The workshop will be facilitated by Debbie Sorkin from the Leadership Centre and is an opportunity for you to learn, for yourselves and with others, about how you cope and how you lead in these situations. This will include looking at how you influence others and obtain change without needing positional power, and identifying practical approaches, tools and techniques, especially around systems leadership, that you can take away and start to use.

This workshop is now fully booked, please email if you wish to be added on the waiting list.