Self Discovery Workshop

Holiday Inn London Gatwick Airport

7 June 2019 09:30–16:30

Now fully booked.  The Self-Discovery Day is an entry-level workshop to support compassionate and inclusive leadership for all. It will offer an opportunity to 'self' explore and plan your career journey.

This interactive workshop will  give you the opportunity to:

  • explore your values, motivations, and preferences. 
  • think about yourself in your current role, your purpose, your level of contentment, how well you think you perform. 
  • how you manage your emotions when faced with particularly difficult situations or work-life challenges, what your emotional responses have been and how you might better manage those situations.
  • your career/life journey and aspirations.
  • your impact on others and how you might be perceived by others.
  • your motivations and the motivations of others.

The workshop will culminate you in producing an action plan for utilising your newly acquired knowledge in the workplace, ensuring a good level of commitment and understanding of the support you might need to implement your plan.
You will also be provided with links to further resources, practical help and advice.

For information about future Self Discovery days, please contact us at