Resilience - Your Mindset; Your Choice - AM Session

The Charis Centre

26 March 2019 09:30–12:30

The KSS Leadership Academy will be offering a Resilience - Your Mindset; Your Choice on the 26th March.

Resilience: Your Mindset; Your Choice is a practical, challenging and empowering workshop based on a new psychotherapeutic model of change which is the ABLE model.

The workshop helps people understand that they are ABLE to create a resilient mindset, that it is a choice to be resilient or not and that it is their mindset approach to a situation not the situation itself which determines whether they are resilient.

It helps people understand the components of mindset, understand how their mindset is currently geared (usefully or unusefully) and then using the ABLE model gives them the tools and techniques to rewire their mindset so they can create a mindset of resilience.

The ABLE model has four components:

  • Authenticity
  • Belief
  • Location
  • Empowerment

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Masterclass delivered and created by Rebecca Howard FRSA who is a multi award winning entrepreneur, Leadership Psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic executive coach.