Play to Your Strengths Masterclass

19 September 2019 09:45–14:00

Now fully booked.

This masterclass is specifically aimed at women leaders. 

Research shows that the most powerful factor influencing culture is leadership.  Leaders who model compassion, inclusion and dedication to improvement in all their interactions are the key to creating cultures of continuous improvement in health and care.

In a recent leadership study of KPMG, 67% of women reported needing more support building confidence to feel like leaders.
This interactive and energising “Play to your Strengths” masterclass, will focus specifically on developing confidence with a strengths-based approach which will support you to leverage your leadership abilities; and will help you learn why playing to your strengths is the single most powerful driver of improved performance in the workplace.

In this potentially life-changing masterclass, you will learn practical tools and techniques to help you:

  • Identify your natural strengths as a leader (whether you lead a team or not)
  • Quieten negative self-talk
  • Understand why most people feel like a fraud - and how to move past imposter syndrome
  • Create a life/career vision that excites you, and some clear steps for achieving this

Before attending, we will send you details of a reflective exercise to begin your 'Play to your strengths' journey.


For both dates, registration will be from 09:45 for a prompt 10:00 am start, finishing at 13:00 followed by 45 minutes for lunch, networking and questions. 

*As this session is run by an external provider, there will be a £150 non-attendance charge to your organisation.