Foundations of Organisation Development (OD) in Primary Care Day 1 of 3

Holiday Inn Gatwick Aiport

5 February 2020 09:00–17:00

Foundations of Organisation Development (OD) in Primary Care - Introducing change & improving performance through people - Day 1

The NHS Long Term Plan provides a powerful starting point for local action and we know that implementing its ambitions requires the development of effective Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Within the NHS England and NHS Improvement PCN Development Support Guidance and Prospectus, OD is highlighted as one of the 6 key domains of development needed to help PCNs to mature and thrive. OD is picked out as a practical method of support to build flourishing teams, develop positive working environments, work collaboratively and set networks up for success.

This 3-day programme is for primary care colleagues, especially practice managers, who find themselves needing to lead change efforts in their own practices and beyond – and who want to broaden their own understanding of OD and how they can apply it to their work to enable them to manage change more effectively. 

This programme will blend theory, practice and application within and between the formal elements of the programme, ensuring that learning is applied to real OD challenges and issues to build individual and organisational confidence and capability in OD practice.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this programme participants will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of their own role as an agent for change, what an OD mindset is and how it can help their work;

  2. Explore and gain practice in a range of OD tools, techniques and approaches and how to use these to effectively improve organisational systems to support transformation and change.

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