CPD Session for Coaches and Mentors - Nice is Not Enough (The Art of Challenge)

Holiday Inn London Gatwick Airport

9 May 2019 09:30–16:30

Now fully booked.

This workshop is for Coaches and Mentors registered on the KSS Leadership Academy's Coaching and Mentoring Scheme website.

Coaches and mentors are often very good at support but more uncomfortable with challenge. This interactive workshop will explore the subject of challenge in coaching and mentoring, and enable you to identify what holds you back from challenging in an appropriate and effective way. It will help you identify your own ‘script’ around support and challenge as well as reflecting on different approaches to challenge. There will be co-coaching opportunity to explore our own stretch around this topic.

Highlights of the day:

  • Introduction to support and challenge
  • Reflect on our own script around challenge
  • Contracting for challenge
  • Explore different theories around challenge
  • Coaching Demonstration
  • Co-coaching opportunity to explore our own stretch around this topic

The session is facilitated by Rebecca Cain, Developing Success.

For information about future Coaching and Mentoring CDP opportunities, please contact us at kss@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk