Coaching & Mentoring CPD Webinar 4: Boundary management - insight into your own comfort zone, limitations and code of ethics

5 March 2020 12:00–13:30

Coaches and mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds; have varying experience and different levels of training. Whatever their background, all coaches and mentors should be able to articulate the boundary of their expertise and the topics or level of emotional depth that they are not equipped to coach or mentor.  Most mentors and coaches are clear when they don’t have the expertise at a content level e.g. when the client needs help understanding technical data that is not in their field.  However, the issue of emotional depth to which we can operate as coaches is far less clear. This webinar looks at these issues and provides some tools for determining your own boundaries.

This webinar will cover:

• What are the boundaries in coaching and mentoring and are they different from each other?

• Helping you to think about where you sit on the numerous boundary issues in coaching and mentoring

• Ethical and professional considerations in coaching and mentoring

• Acting ethically in practice

• Reflecting upon your values as a coach or mentor

• The benefits and requirements of regular supervision of your practice as a coach or mentor

This webinar will start at 12:00 and finish at 13:30. Please allow 15 minutes beforehand for technical set up. Details about how to access the webinar will be sent out about two weeks before the webinar.  

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