Coaching & Mentoring CPD Webinar 1: Finding the fit – how to determine if coaching or mentoring is appropriate

5 December 2019 12:00–13:30

Based on the assumption that everyone is potentially a suitable candidate, coaching and mentoring is often offered indiscriminately in organisations.  Attention is more usually focused on whether the coach or mentor is the right person for the client, than whether the potential client is right for coaching or mentoring.  This can sometimes lead to poor results and questions about the value of coaching and mentoring.  

This webinar looks at the importance of finding the right fit between the coach or mentor and the client and explores strategies that the organisation and individual mentor or coach can employ to reduce the risk of a failed or disappointing relationship.

This webinar will cover:

• Increasing your chances of success – summarising your ‘offer’ and approach

• Avoiding conflicts of interest 

• The chemistry session – how to conduct the first conversation with a potential client

• The ‘coachability’ framework – who can benefit the most and least from coaching or mentoring?

This webinar will start at 12:00 and finish at 13:30. Please allow 15 minutes beforehand for technical set up. Details about how to access the webinar will be sent out about two weeks before the webinar.  

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