Coaching Conversations Workshop for Primary Care

Holiday Inn Guildford

22 October 2019 09:00–16:30

Open to Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Thames Valley and Wessex, this workshop is for anyone who wants to develop the skills of coaching conversations with colleagues and patients, and those who wish to develop their leadership style. 

In this workshop we explore the skills required and give you the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from peers.

Coaching isn’t just something that qualified professionals do. In fact, some of the most powerful coaching experiences are informal exchanges in corridors, over coffee, in the office and other workspaces in the course of everyday work.

The key is knowing how to have those effective conversations and support others without either over-directing and telling someone what they should do, or being too nice with the risk of being seen as a walkover, or a ‘cushion’.

Using coaching skills, you help people become more self-aware, you reinforce strengths, and explore challenges. You help people take responsibility for their actions and their development.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have an understanding of the benefits of using coaching skills in everyday conversations with colleagues, patients and team members.
  • Have a set of ‘tools’ that can be used to introduce a coaching approach in more structured conversations.
  • Have feedback on your approach from peers.

Fully booked