Coaching and Mentoring CPD Webinar 2: The importance of contracting in coaching and mentoring

8 January 2020 12:00–13:30

Contracting is arguably one of the most important aspect of coaching and mentoring.  In an effective coaching or mentoring relationship, contracting happens at different levels and at regular points in the programme.  It applies to the overall programme, to specific sessions and to specific interventions.  It is also vital to re-contract when there is a shift or interruption to the relationship or context.

This webinar focuses on how to establish the initial purpose and parameters of the coaching or mentoring relationship and expectations for what is to come.  

This webinar will cover:

• Contracting practicalities – the topics of a contracting conversation

• Professional competency in practice – the standards for effective contracting

• Understanding the client’s issues and challenges 

• Establishing your credibility

• Encouraging the client to set goals for the coaching or mentoring

• Involving the boss – the benefits of three-way contracting

• Putting it in writing – the benefits of having a written, signed contract with your client

This webinar will start at 12:00 and finish at 13:30. Please allow 15 minutes beforehand for technical set up. Details about how to access the webinar will be sent out about two weeks before the webinar.  

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