Self Discovery Day

NHS Leadership Academy, Kent, Surrey and Sussex




About the programme

Research shows that the most powerful factor influencing culture is leadership.  Leaders who model compassion, inclusion and dedication to improvement in all their interactions are the key to creating cultures of continuous improvement in health and care. 

The Self-Discovery day is an entry-level workshop to support compassionate and inclusive leadership for all. It will offer an opportunity to 'self' explore and plan your career journey.

During this interactive workshop, the participants will be encouraged to:

  • Reconnect with themselves by looking at their values, motivations and preferences.

  • Consider career aspirations.

  • To broaden and increase their self-awareness.

  • Look at their self-regulation – how they manage their emotions in different situations.

  • Build their self-confidence.

  • Explore their impact on others.

  • Produce an action plan for utilising their newly acquired knowledge in the workplace, ensuring a good level of commitments and understanding of the support you might need to implement the plan.

Aims of this programme

It is hoped that the support given to delegates through this programme will result in longer-term organisational benefit, for example:

  • Improved staff retention.

  • Increased levels of innovation amongst employees.

  • Better Staff Survey results.

  • Service improvements resulting in high-quality patient care.

  • More people making use of coaching and mentoring as a development opportunity.

The day has been designed as an entry-level workshop to support compassionate and inclusive leadership for all; and is aimed at clinical and non-clinical staff in band 5, 6 and 7. 

If you would like to learn how the Self-Discovery Day has made an impact please read our participants stories:

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Further Information

For information about future Self Discovery dates, please email us at, putting Self Discovery as the subject.