For qualified Coaches and Mentors

Are you a qualified or trained Coach or Mentor? Do you have the capacity and capability to encourage, and lead others through the work they do and help to build and support them from within the organisation?

If you are a qualified Coach or Mentor and you are interested in using your skills and knowledge to develop the next generation of NHS leaders please contact us on 

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor for Leadership, please view our Mentoring Development Programme that will give you the opportunity to make a difference to someone's Leadership journey.

Our Certified Coaching Programmes for this financial year will be updated into our events calendar once they are confirmed and open to application; however, should you wish to join our register of interest, we would be able to contact you directly in the event that a programme opens for applications. Expressions of interest can be registered by email at 

For Coaches and Mentors already on our register

Register and log on to access articles, CPD slides,’ How to’ guides and much more. And if you have something to share with our coaching and mentoring community, please do email us at

Structured CPD/Active Learning

Structured CPD/Active Learning involves interactive and participation-based study. It is typically proactive and can include attending a training course, conference, workshop, seminar, lecture, e-learning course or CPD certified event. The KSS CPD sessions would come under this category.

Reflective CPD/Passive Learning

Reflective learning involves no participant-based interaction, so this form of CPD is much more passive and one directional. Examples of this include reading relevant articles, podcasts and case studies and industry updates. This could also include you writing up a case study if you haven't already.

Self-Directed CPD/Unstructured Learning

Self-directed learning involves all unaccompanied CPD activities. It covers the reading of documents, articles and publications; either in print or online. Reading relevant publications, books by leading experts, industry journals and trade magazines are all types of self-directed CPD. Your local knowledge manager at NHS Library Service could help you with articles, books, etc. You can find them here: