MBTI Community of Practice

NHS Leadership Academy, Kent, Surrey and Sussex




The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is a widely used model of personality that builds self-awareness and an appreciation of important differences between people, demonstrating how different types can work together in a complementary way. Working with a MBTI® practitioner can help to apply this knowledge to:


  • valuing diversity
  • improving working relationships and teamwork
  • developing leadership styles
  • enhancing communication
  • managing change.


Our Community of Practice is open to qualified MBTI® Practitioners whose organisations support or provide NHS funded services across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. The aim is to provide NHS services with in-house expertise in MBTI® and our skilled practitioners use the MBTI® with groups, teams and in coaching. They offer the best value for money together with the benefit of NHS insight and experience, when compared to external MBTI® consultants. Our members are committed to working across organisations.


What we offer to you?

  • To share learning and experience with others in NHS KSS who are qualified users of the MBTI®
  • To increase your repertoire of MBTI® applications
  • To practice your skills in a safe and supportive atmosphere
  • To link the use of the MBTI® to relevant organisational issues


What will be required of you?

In return for joining our Community, we expect a commitment to share your skills, knowledge and time with us. This may include contributing MBTI expertise to leadership programmes or where you are able, providing feedback on behalf of KSS Leadership Collaborative.

The basic membership requirements for qualified MBTI® Practitioners are:

  • Be employed by a KSS NHS funded organisation
  • Keeping your skills up-to-date by delivering at least 3 MBTI® feedback sessions per year
  • Contributing to the development of the Community of Practice
  • Promoting the ethical use of the MBTI® in your organisation.
  • Selling the benefits of MBTI, being proactive in offering these skills to your organisation.
  • Securing support for participation in Community activities, including KSS Leadership Collaborative programmes where possible.
  • Attending at least one CPD event per year.


For further information about our work and development opportunities with MBTI, please email: kss@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk