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Looking to move into your first leadership role?


The Mary Seacole Programme is a six month leadership development programme which was designed by the NHS Leadership Academy in partnership with global experts, the Hay Group, to develop knowledge and skills in leadership and management. 

The concept of learning and how to be a leader when you're in the thick of your day to day responsibilities can seem rather abstract, but the Mary Seacole Programme is grounded in reality and results in real workplace application. It leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Healthcare Leadership.

It aims to provide the balance between learning the theory and putting into practice. Designed for those looking to move into their first formal leadership role, or those new to first time leadership, it empowers people to turn their success into consistent team success and to champion compassionate care.

Watch a short video about the Mary Seacole Programme.

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Please note:  the funding arrangements for this programme have been reviewed.  The NHS Leadership Academy will now subsidise places only and will require a financial contribution from either the applicant or their employing organisation of £995Bursaries are no longer available for this programme and places will only be offered to those who have this funding confirmed.