KSS Coaching Network

NHS Leadership Academy, Kent, Surrey and Sussex



As part of our commitment to develop leadership across the NHS in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, the KSS Coaching Network provides a free, confidential service to match coachees with qualified coaches utilising online software to manage the process.


We see Coaching as “helping another person access what they already know”.  The may have never asked themselves the question but they have the answer.”  A Coach assists, supports and encourages individuals to find these answers” (Zeus and Skiffington 2002.)


To access coaching as part of the KSS Coaching Network, register on the Leadership Development Coaching and Mentoring Scheme website at http://coachingandmentoring.kssleadership.nhs.uk/


To become a coach as part of the KSS coaching network, applicants must fulfil the criteria below:

  • Have successfully completed a recognised accredited coach training programme;
  • Have a well maintained learning log/portfolio of evidence for your coaching;
  • Have evidence of CPD and supervision within the last 3 years;
  • Have experience of being coached as well as coaching others;


KSS Leadership Academy asks Coaches on our Network to commit to:

  • Two coaching relationships of 4-6 sessions a year (this is on the proviso that the coach is requested.)
  • Attend two Supervision sessions a year (individual or group.)
  • Be willing to provide evaluative feedback post coaching.
  • Have the agreement of their organisation and full endorsement from their line manager to be a regional coach.


Next Steps:

If you have read this information and are happy that you fulfil the criteria to become a coach as part of this network, the next stage is to get you registered. Please follow the link below and choose the ‘register as a coach’ to get started: