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Coaching is one of the most powerful leadership development interventions an organisation can deploy.  We want to harness this power to make a meaningful difference to diversity and inclusion within the NHS by recruiting 300 committed and ambitious coaches to develop as a Coach who has specialised in inclusion.


Through this programme, as an inclusion coach, you will be trained to deploy powerful coaching interventions with participants on our positive action programmes (Stepping Up and Ready Now), and underrepresented groups through our Local Leadership Academy (LLA) registers throughout the country.


This programme will enable the coachees you work with to:

  • Progress into more senior roles.
  • Impact systems for greater levels of inclusion.
  • Ensure that other Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and under-represented groups can climb the ‘snowy white peaks’ of the NHS (Kline, R. 2014).

The work doesn’t stop there.  You will work with the Academy and National Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative (NCMC), to ensure diversity and inclusion is at the core of our strategy delivery plans and offer.  More importantly, as a coaching practitioner, you will really challenge the ‘old ways of thinking and behaving’.  You will work within the system, in transformational ways, to create a social movement for cultural change to support the evolution of a system that reflects the interests of all.  It’s a big ask, but the programme of development we are offering to get you there is exceptional and the invaluable impact you will have within your own organisation and across the NHS is immense.


Details of the Eligibility Criteria can be found here


Applications are currently closed for the current programme but it is hoped further cohorts will be offered in the future.

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