The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Academy (KSSLA) aim to develop leaders who can initiate change, be adaptive, influence culture, nurture talent and take people with them on a journey to provide the best healthcare in the region.  Central to this mission is inclusivity. KSSLA recognise that everyone has the potential to demonstrate their leadership wherever they are employed and at whatever level of experience they are operating in.

This message is reinforced at a national level through the ‘Developing People, Improving Care’ strategy (2016) which aims to embed inclusion in NHS leadership development initiatives. This includes action to: improve equality of access to opportunities; increase diversity of staff; reduce discrimination; and create just cultures. The NHS Leadership Academy’s ‘Building Leadership for Inclusion’ Programme also aims to raise the level of aspiration on inclusion, quicken the pace of change towards inclusion and ensure that leadership is equipped to achieve and leave an ever increasing and sustainable legacy of inclusion.