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What’s it like for a NHS Graduate trainee in KSS?

Adrian is a General Management trainee who is 6 months into his time on the scheme- read his blog below and find out about his experiences.

Prior to the scheme I worked in Local Government providing temporary accommodation to homeless households. My degree was in Social Policy and public services are my interest. I applied for the scheme because I wanted to give myself the opportunity to improve services. I wanted to test myself and see how I would respond to new and challenging situations. I had not worked much in management before, but after working for eight years following my degree I wanted to development my career in management.

My first placement is in an acute hospital trust and has given me the opportunities I wanted. After only a few months I am learning how to make positive changes and that this can only be done through my skills in engaging people and showing them my vision and passion. Don’t get me wrong, for the first few months there was a lot to get to grips with, how this massive organisation works, what is the culture? What does a manager do? What is process mapping? There is a seemingly never ending list of things to learn, but when things start to slot in to place it is a great feeling.

 I have been given the title Service Manager of Anaesthetics and I quickly learned that the term ‘service manager’ can mean so many things. I have the benefit of variety; managing resources, leading on service redesign, policy writing, auditing, report writing and above all people! Other graduates on the scheme have work placements in different areas so if you are successful in your application keep in mind that ANYTHING you learn is useful and if you don’t need it now you will need it later; no matter what level you are in the organisation.

Much of my time on the scheme has been spent building and maintaining relationships and learning about me and developing personally, I am looking forward to continuing this. I have given you a short taste of the skills I feel I have learned during the personal and professional development provided to me by the scheme so far. This is all backed up by an educational programme which runs parallel with on the job learning providing the tools needed and a deeper understanding of the theories behind the work I am doing.  

 I am planning my next placement within a charity which produces public health policy, and after that I will work with a Clinical Commissioning group learning about the strategic commissioning of health services within a community.

If you have any questions about my experience email me at:

We will follow up with Adrian at the end of his first year.